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Meet Our Staff

The parent company of Aerosphere Monitoring, COMonitoring, LLC, was formed in Las Vegas, NV, with idea in mind that no one should suffer from CO2 related injuries and deaths. With a combined fifty years of industry experience, skills and training, the company has the expertise and knowledge to help any client with CO2 detection systems.

Ronald Longley is President of CO2 Monitoring, LLC. Holding a contractor’s license with the Nevada State Contractors Board since 2004, Ronald has received approval of licensing and qualifications for bulk carbon dioxide compliance. Certified by Chart Industries to install Bulk carbon dioxide tanks, Ronald has installed carbon dioxide tanks in virtually every industry including casinos, breweries, agriculture, and food & beverage. Ronald's experience installing and permitting bulk carbon dioxide tanks lead him to file a U.S. Provisional Patent for his own monitoring system, the AerosphereTM.

Peter Hand is VP of Engineering and responsible for the design and manufacturing of the AerosphereTM. Gaining experience from co-founding his own industrial manufacturing company for the gas turbine industry, he joined a programmer manufacturing firm called Dataman. After moving to Las Vegas, NV in 1998 to become the Engineering Manager for the US division of Japan Cash Machines (JCM), this allowed him to gain fifteen years of experience before meeting Ron in 2017. With Hand's knowledge of programming and manufacturing, he is the optimal individual to design and development the AerosphereTM CO2 Monitor.

Scott Nielson is Chairman of Board for CO2 Monitoring, LLC. Mr. Nielson was an executive officer of Red Rock Resort, Inc. (RRR) and its predecessors (including Station Casinos, Inc.) for nearly 27 years, most recently serving as Executive Vice President and Chief Development Officer. His duties included overseeing the company’s development activities, government affairs, regulatory compliance and public relations. Mr. Nielson brings the experience from working at RRR and applies it to the guidance of the company as relates to regulatory compliance.

Luke Longley is the VP of Planning and Permitting at CO2 Monitoring, LLC. Luke currently attends University of Nevada Las Vegas and plans to graduate with a bachelor’s in Business Administration. Luke has been involved with the company since the upstart and knows what it takes to help drive the company forward. Luke plans to use his knowledge and intellect of plans and permit submittals in the carbon dioxide compliance industry to help drive success and growth for the company.